Ta Ta For Now

The Last Blog means the end is near. Another step closer to graduation; yikes. Thank goodness most of us still have a year or more left to figure out what the hell we are suppose to do with our lives. This is the time, for most, means an entire semester of procrastination turns into two weeks of caffeine and cramming. I just cannot believe how fast the year flew by! It seems that the girls of Hoe 5 and 6 were just having our parents move us in and now were about to part. I believe we all agree that this was the best living situation we could have had. We know we will see each other and remain friends, but one things for sure this blog will never be the same!

S plans to move back home for the summer to visit with family and of course her new fling. Things are getting steamy between her and her man; plus S has a friend following at home that she doesn’t want to forget!

E also will be moving back home for the summer. She is actually taking an old babysitting job of mine which requires no more than purchasing a new bottle of tanning oil each week to watch the kids at the country club pool. E will spend her weeks basking and waitressing at night, but will make every effort to hang out with friends, family, and especially her boyfriend who is an hour away.

J will be in Mt. P for the entire summer. She will be working, taking classes, and managing dance team weekends and events for next season.

A will remain in Mt. P in hopes of completing a couple last classes and graduating in August. She talks plans of moving out to Cayman and living the beach life for a while, maybe she will meet her love there and we will have a permanent vacation residence! We’re already planning next year’s spring break!

M is staying in Mt. P over the summer also. She will continue to live in Mt. P for the summer to get a head in school. I am sure her and her bf will be making many trips.

I will stay in Mt. P just to work, do school, and of course work on my favorite thing; my tan.

The end is almost near, it is time to say farewell. Whoever coined the phrase, Time Flies When Your Having Fun,” was very accurate. Adios, Ciao, Good Bye Hoe 5 & 6.

Lets Get Physical

This blog entry will be rather different, due to the fact of my recent prolonged illnesses.
Do some feel it is important to remain physically fit for a significant other or when on the prowl? I believe the answer is both yes and no. The whole idea of love is you are suppose to love what is on the inside; not the out. Don’t judge a book by its cover as some would say. But do girls feel that they have to compete with the celebrities and models who really just afford good trainers and top of line plastic surgeons? Let’s examine.
My personal opinion is yes. I believe that this is because it is when I am physically fit that my clothes fit their best and my body is lean. I feel like I can squeeze between cars in the parking lot and don’t mind if someone picks me up when I am in this figure. This also could be because J and I spent two weeks before our spring break trying to lose every pound possible. We felt wonderful in our bikinis on Spring Break because we were confident. Also, not to be cocky but guys were flocking.
The idea behind being fit is that you feel better about yourself, but the guys are more initially attracted to you. It is human nature to be attracted to pretty things; its not a sin.
Some people are simply comfortable with themselves. But girls especially who have boyfriends do not feel it is as necessary to hit the gym because they figure who else to they have to impress?
If you get caught up in the skinny world, it could be detrimental to your mind. You could waste away being too worried about aspiring to be model skinny. That is never good. But than again it is never good to become to comfortable with your weight because it leaves room to get bigger and that is not healthy. In the end my conclusion is what my mother has always told me, “Dieting is not worth it: a balanced diet and exercise is all you need.” I guess I should listen to someone who is only 113 pounds, geez!

The Recovery

Our week long sabbatical was nothing as predicted. For A, J, and I our trip entailed endless hours of sunbathing, drinking, swimming, meeting hot guys, drinking some more, and eventually clubbing. Brooke Hogan welcomed us as we stepped foot into the condo’s elevators to soar up to the 27th floor. As soon as we knew it, we had met some guys and hit the Atlantic on their Boston Whaler. We met many guys on this vacation and have now come acquainted with the flavor and spice of the male population in South Beach. Conclusion: We fit right in.

 A’s eyes went googly every time she laid eyes on Bulgarian model, Ivo, on the beach. But this fantasy slowly dissipated, when she realized a week long flirtation with one of our group members was quickly escalating. The two have reunited since South Beach and may be keeping their vibe alive in Mt. P.

 Love at first sight, is it real? Don’t argue with J, Cupid’s strike was immediate butterflies for this princess. She had a few different encounters with men on this vacation; but let’s just leave some of those memories at the beach. J is one love sick puppy, but maybe she will run into him again. At least she has a realistic grasp, as she always concludes, “it is what it is.”

 One of the few lessons I learned on this break was: Do not wear a belly shirt clubbing, if you don’t want attention. The free drinks were tremendous, but the constant phone calls and messages the next day, not so much so. I have to admit; I did have some crazy escapades myself. My typical bar behavior was released; but the same night J’s spell was casted I fell for a boy.  I wish facebook was obsolete because our recent facebook friending is making me want to go back…. so bad.

 I believe that E learned the phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” the hard way. She had a marvelous time soaking in the rays in the Keys and collecting shells (smelly ones) on the shore and learned to eventually tune things out. A couple that ventured down with E decided to celebrate their honeymoon, well basically. She and the rest of the group let them be and had a banging ole time minus the love birds.

 M hit the streets of our nation’s capital with an open mind. She explored the sights and enjoyed various cuisines (a favorite pastime for this chef.) She visited many stores and soon remembered another reason why it is so fun to have mommy with you on vacation.

 S had a relaxing SB back at home. She is envious of her new catch’s Vegas get away, but is anticipating his promised arrival to Mt. Pleasant next weekend and maybe a souvenir? But just him, is enough.

 Currently, a few of us have been attacked by a serious case of the Spring Break Blues. I am searching for a remedy, any suggestions?

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems

Springbreak is a week long recess for college students to escape from academia. Pulling an all nighter is replaced with pulling each last drop of booze out of the bottle. Springbreak is characterized by booze, ganja, tanning, sex, and eventually passing out. This week long binge promises black mail photos and videos. But most importantly, we will have to grow up one day so why not go out with a bang while we still can? We are only young once, live it up. Here are the SB2K9 plans for mis amigas:

E is hauling down to Key West with her bf and 4 other couples. The group plans to catch every bar on the sea and enjoy the warm weather.

S will travel the long two hours home to relax for the week with her family. Things are getting steamy between her and her new man and she can’t wait to spend time with him!

M is the educated one of the group. Her mother and her are taking this week break as an opportunity to explore the nation’s capital. She has good connections in D.C. and is excited to embark on many tours.

As for the rest of us, A,J, and I will be indulging in the typical SB. We will be taking an adventurous road trip down to South Beach to experience some of the best bars and beaches in America. As my mother embarrassingly told my priest, MY PRIEST MIND YOU, “Annette is traveling to Florida pray that her and her friends aren’t on television.”
Gosh mom! He is a priest!

Looks like S and M are going to have to motivate the rest of us when we return to attend classes that next week. I am sure this Springbreak week will call for some good recovery time. But as J posted a stick note with the quote on by mirror, “No matter how you feel, get up, get dressed, and show up!” We’ll see what my next blog entries like, I’m scared!

From a Kiss on the Hand to One Night Stands

In our modern world of today, could you imagine if your significant other had to request permission from your parents just to engage in conversation with you? Nearly a century ago, arranged marriages and dowries were the way of the world. It is incredible how much society has moved from one extreme to the next. At one time, it was requirement to insert Miss and Mister at the beginning of everyone’s first name just in conversation. Hello Miss Annette, How are you Miss Annette, I don’t think so. Today, boys and girls degrade each other through trash talk such as, “Hey Hoe,” or “Hey Slut.” But the funny thing is this speech is accepted amongst our society. What could our society possibly transform into next? Now it’s time to examine, how different my roommates lives would be if corsets were still a necessity. I could guess we would be sheltered, to say the least.
M, who is a fantastic chef would be cooking for days if she wished to prepare the meals she does. She’d be spending endless hours milking cows and churning butter in order to create her masterpieces. One evening when M was cooking I overheard her demand to her boyfriend, “Cut the steak, it is an honor for the man to cut the meat.” This girl would be shit out of luck because she would never be able to impose on her man like this back then.
Since S relies on text messaging as her primary source of communication she’d be in trouble. Flirty chatting would not be as simple as clicking the accept button. Her new man would have to approach her parents and ask permission to converse with her. Hopefully, her parents would discover that this fella is charming and is from a wealthy background because that is all that mattered back then.
J, a member of the dance team, would definitely not be choreographing hip hop, but instead, teaching ball room dancing. It is shocking to think that in the past males and females knew the same dances and would float about the floors to classical music. Parties were extravagant balls nothing like the bumpin ‘n grindin shin digs we throw today. Needless to say, J would not be sporting her half top on the side line.
E’s sleepovers with her guy would be obsolete. Don’t think E’s dad would grant permission for her sack sessions. Those two would definitely be saving it for their wedding night. But, back then not many knew otherwise.
A’s dad would definitely not have approved of her recent behavior. Last night, she simply texted her dad stating that her and her friend were going to hang out with the skiers they met on the slopes that day instead of returning to the family cabin. In the past, this behavior would be unacceptable and A would have been escorted straight back to her family’s cabin by the man. It would have been the proper thing to do.
Lets just say in the past, I would have never been allowed to write this blog. I mean computers and blogging were not even thought of yet. But even if I was to publish these blog entries in a book the content would be deemed inappropriate. Society would shun Hoe 5 and 6 for sure.

Maybe it’s the booze talking, but I want you to know I love booze.

This blog entry explores the world of six girls, excessive amounts of alcohol, and their tales. Well that is the parts I can recall.

J rang in the ole 21 at midnight last night and went out with a bang. Many tequila shots, long islands, and beers allowed her to regress back to her younger years. I think we all know that no one should be responsible for their actions on their twenty first birthdays because all of the free drinks that feed the fire. She has a new year ahead of her but for today its greasy food, water, and movies.

A,E,J, and I ventured to State for a friend a fifth party on Valentine’s Day. The idea behind the title is to be zip tied to a partner and only to be cut free if you finish a fifth between the two of you. We watched two guys finish a fifth in 32 seconds, partners attempt the restroom, and of course witness E’s boyfriend take her down. E’s guy decided to predrink before the zip tie fifth. Needless to say E spent her night trying not to fall while attached and then once released stopping him from climbing trees. At one point I believe she sarcastically retorted, “Happy Valentines Babe!”

On Friday, Hoe 5&6 threw a killer bash. About 75 were in and out and also received the opportunity to watch me lose my mind. Few were unsure how I was still dancing when my eyes were barely open. Don’t remember much, of course I had fun, but I did not appreciate the bed wetter that managed to steal my bed before I got to it and saturated the sheets, gross! But this would have never happen if some crazy drunk girl wouldn’t have busted my lock, thanks a lot.

A had an awesome time at our bash. The booze was flowing and had a visitor stay. She knew she cleaned her room for a reason!

Poor M, had to ease herself into the party. The previous night she was lost in the whiskey sours and unfortunately spent a whole day next to the toilet. But M’s boyfriend took care, she slowly recovered, and had a good time at our party sober, that’s how you know it was a success.

Power to S she can control her alcohol consumption. She had more fun this weekend hanging with her new man who came to visit for the whole weekend that getting intoxicated.

They say your only an alcoholic if you continue your drinking trends after college. We have the rest of our lives to grow up, but for now we can get lost in the sauce. I am going to conclude with a quote from my favorite show sex and the city, “Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free till they find someone just as wild to run with them.”

This holds true for many.

Friends With Benefits?

A friend with benefits involves two people yearning to fulfill their desire for sexual pleasure minus the boyfriend-girlfriend label. This is until one falls for the other, the friendship is blown into pieces, and the two are worse off than before. Awkwardness escalates and, at times, can destroy cliques of friends. On the other hand, the term exists for a reason. Somewhere someone religiously practices this act and is successful. Otherwise, the phrase would be obsolete. Can you really blame someone for wishing to fulfill a natural urge while exploring the single life? Atleast they’re sexually exclusive. Is it really possible to have casual sex without emotional attachment? Are both members always aware of the terms and stipulations present in this friendship? Could monogamy be a thing of the past? Is it imperative to make a sexual connection before dating?

Boozing leads to flirting, and then to sleep overs that don’t require mom’s permission, if you know what I mean. If these sleepovers remain consistent, minus the booze, one may have discovered something. For E, four months of friendship sleepovers proved to pay off. Her and her sleepover man are still going strong after more than a year, along with the addition of the relationship title.

M. ‘s man was in search of new and exciting benefits when he decided to land her. He had caught himself in quite a turmoil tangled up with a few girls pleading for his heart. But the young man quickly decided to properly initiate a friendship and relationship with M. which later screamed beneficial.

S. is entering into a new “friendship” with a moy (a man boy), he plans on venturing north to Mt. P. next weekend. She’s thinking, be mine valentine, wish her luck!

This week A questioned, “Why can’t you just like someone and be liked in return, I’m not looking for a relationship.” A received benefits from one man for 5 years during her past relationship. She is new on the market and wants to experiment. However, she is quickly remembering the stupidity of the male behavior and in turn is giving them a taste of their own medicine. Nevertheless, she has enjoyed the friends with benefits package.

As J puts it, she’s searching for a cuddle buddy. J’s life is extremely busy and hectic at times but she always desires the benefits. Currently, she is the one initating the action with her new interest, and questions his shyness. Stereotypically, guys always want the action, but it’s not true, girls crave intimacy also.

As for me, I have experienced this the hard way. Getting physically close with a friend is enticing but also proves to be challenging. When friends find out and try to further the relationship, all goes south. Six years of an on and off benefits relationship from high school is not worth it when it still haunts you. Basically, it was fun at the time.

Do some relationships start as friends with benefits and build? Proves true for some. Scandalous, Mushy, or Complicated for others.

Whatever it may be, in the end, everyone wants to reap the benefits.


Stalkers persistently pursue their prey out of obsession or derangement. As girls, we complain about the “creep” who suffocates us at the bar or the guy that constantly blows up our digits and we mark them as stalkers. There that guy that you clasp onto your best guy friend and introduce him as your significant other or in desperate times grab your best gal and do the same. But are we just being hypocritical? Don’t girls at times allow their inner sinister behavior to be released?

This week J. became acquainted with the obsessive and hot tempered ex of her new guy. The irrational behavior and continuous phone calls from the ex to the guy were a direct result of her high blood alcohol level, but is that any excuse? Doesn’t alcohol encourage us to do things we tend to hold back when sober? Unfortunately, the ex’s booze brought out her prowl, and J’s new guy spent the rest of the night alone. 

A. drunk dials or texts her men. Sometimes checking the phone’s outgoing calls and outbox in the morning proves it was an interesting night and can answers several unknown questions. Alcohol instigates the seven calls to her crushes, but that doesn’t mean that their not responding. I believe that generation millennial knows to not drink and drive, but don’t drink and text either.

While E. was celebrating the ole one year with her guy, she received a text from her sis that an ex wayside creeper was asking about her at the bar. Later discovered, this kid “facebook stalks” her all time, ew. Thank goodness she took her pics down.

Or how about the time, M. ventures to the blackstone and is haggled by some 40 year old men. Being a poor college student she accepts a free drink, but didn’t realize the consequences. Needless to say when she asked them where their wedding rings were the man retorted, “in our pockets.” At this point, she dashed.

This brings me to my next point, why would facebook ever create facebook chat? This is just an opportunity for the creepers to constantly pester you while your surfing the web. For instance, this week I received, “Hey saw you at the gym, I can tell you’ve been working out.” It never fails S. was gone for the weekend and her inbox buzzed, “Hurry back, I miss you.” Watch your facebook status updates; you never know whose reading.

Non confrontational communication (i.e. AIM, Texting, Facebook Chat) boosters stalker behavior. In guys behavior IT may be more evident, but that doesn’t mean that somewhere right now a living room of girls are on Katie’s friend’s cousin’s facebook looking at their boyfriend’s new flame screaming, “Ew.”

We’re all guilty as charged.




If I Were A Boy

When little boys and little girls are young, they quickly discover that they possess different body parts from each other. But it is not until our late teens or early 20s when we learn how to utilize and appreciate these organs. Whoever coined the phrase, “men are from mars and women are from venus,” was quite accurate. Yet, for some reason, when these two polar opposites collide, fireworks strike and it’s magic. Throughout this blog, I plan on discussing, reviewing, and summarizing me and my best girl friends encounters with these aliens.

The inspiration for this blog came from Beyonce’s song, “If I Were a Boy.” Yes annoying, but if you listen to the words it is a very accurate depiction of the male behavior. The first time I heard Beyonce’s whine trembling in my ear drums I changed the radio station, then shortly after this it came to my attention that this booty-shakin, crazy in love with Jay-Z sista was right. If I were a boy my life would be a lot easier, less confusing, and it would take a hell of a lot less time to get ready. Supposedly we are viewed as equals in society, but then why is it that the female race is held accountable for every single short skirt, drunken fall, scandalous dance move, and unlady like reaction. The men egg this behavior on, but then later reflect and call us sluts.

I’ll introduce you to the 05 and 06 girls, named by our apartment numbers but later nicknamed by the boys as the , “Hoe 5 and Hoe 6 girls.” Emily has had her adventures, but has given her heart to Craig. These two can be very stubborn at times but are soon to celebrate their 1 year as “facebook official.” Mallory manages a successful, long distance relationship with WMU boyfriend, Scotty. Mallory’s strong opinions and ideas can crack you up while her cooking abilities will make your mouth water. Then there are four of us left, Ashley, Jessie, Shannon, and I were still searching for that spark, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t enjoying every minute of our crazy lives.

If I were a boy, I would have never became close with these girls, and neither would you.